How Great Leaders Handle Gossip

How to Handle Gossip in the Workplace

Workplace gossip can be irreversibly harmful to teams. But when it comes time to handle gossip in the workplace, most leaders won’t deal with the issue head-on.

Why? Because it can be really uncomfortable and awkward.

But if you don’t manage it, who will?

Listen to this episode of The Man & The Millennial Show for practical actions that take the awkwardness out of eliminating gossip among your team, and help you build stronger teams and get better results.

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Phillip Van Hooser

Phillip Van Hooser, CSP, CPAE, and Founder, Van Hooser Leadership. A seasoned leadership expert, keynote speaker, and author, Phillip Van Hooser is passionate about developing intentional leaders who can effectively engage and empower their employees to deliver powerful results. His most recent book is “Earning The Right To Be Heard," a primer for creating greater influence and opportunities. Connect with Phil on LinkedIn.


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