Our News is Your GOOD News!!

On April 1, Joe Van Hooser is officially joining the Van Hooser Leadership team! While some might cringe at an April Fool’s start date, we COULD NOT BE HAPPIER!!!

Joe’s not just a new team member — he’s family! As Phil and Susan’s son, Joe has been connected to Van Hooser Associates, Inc. literally since day one.

For the last 5.5 years, his involvement, engagement, and commitment have deepened significantly as his wife, Alyson, has been bringing her unique energy and expertise to play in our leadership development work. It’s incredibly special to have the whole family — Phil, Susan, Alyson, and Joe — pushing in the same direction. But our excitement goes beyond our family circle — it’s BIG NEWS FOR YOU TOO!

Joe Van Hooser, COO, Van Hooser Associates
joe van hooser leadership training

Joe’s track record of boosting efficiency and achieving excellence is notable. With deep experience spanning 15 years in manufacturing — including key leadership roles in the largest volume-producing bakery in North America — Joe brings a unique toolkit that includes:

  • Leading multi-million dollar projects
  • Mastering SAP and spearheading full-plant conversions
  • Consulting and creating custom resource planning tools and
  • Leading and coaching teams across plants on inventory best practices

Joe’s ready to bring this expertise to his new role as COO. He will ensure we execute on our promises to you — our clients — while exploring and expanding the depth and scope of resources we provide to help you lead yourself, your employees, and your organizations to new levels of success and significance.

We asked Joe what he is most excited about…

“Having been around Van Hooser Associates all my life, I know firsthand the value and effectiveness of the guiding leadership principles my dad and Alyson deliver. Now, to join in a formal, full-time role, I’m excited to honor that legacy while providing a new generation of leaders more unique insights and practical guidance to serve others successfully.”

If you want to help us welcome Joe to the team, connect with him on Linkedin or drop him an email at joe@vanhooser.com

This is just one more step Van Hooser Leadership is taking to create a better future for all of us! As we say…

“Same Team, Same Dream. Same Name, Same Game!” 

Alyson Van Hooser

Alyson Van Hooser, Pres & CEO, Van Hooser Leadership. With the grit that only comes from tough experiences, Alyson has learned a thing or two about personal and professional success. From her management experience with Walmart, as an elected city council member, bank manager — all before the age of 30 — Alyson has wisdom well beyond her years! Her podcast, Stake: The Leadership Podcast, offers a fresh perspective on leadership and helps multiple generations successfully work together! Connect with Alyson on LinkedIn.


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