Expanding Leadership Reach

Thirty years ago, my wife Susan and I embarked on a most remarkable professional journey.  We voluntarily left the safety and financial security of my corporate job to pursue the entrepreneurial dream of owning our own company. Van Hooser Associates, Inc.’s founding vision was to support the development of the next generation of leaders — and the organizations, industries, communities and families they represent.  It’s been one of the most challenging, thrilling and satisfying experiences of our lives. Today I’m announcing our intention to expand our leadership reach and broaden our efforts.

Expanding Leadership Reach

Now let’s get one thing straight — I’M NOT GOING ANYWHERE!  My personal goal and professional intention is to continue to speak, train and consult, thus creating on-going leadership success results for our clients for many years to come.  But today I’m announcing our intention to expand our leadership reach and broaden our efforts.  A next generation Van Hooser, Alyson Van Hooser, has accepted our invitation to join Van Hooser Associates on this incredible journey.

For those of you lucky enough to know Alyson Van Hooser, you know what a remarkable woman she is.  Personally, she is wife to our son and mother to three of our wonderful grandchildren.  But Alyson is NOT joining our company because of her last name  — I care too much about our clients to make that mistake.  Alyson has EARNED this opportunity via an incredible resume, an impressive job history and an enviable personal work ethic.

I care too much about our clients to make that mistake. 

Alyson earned her B.S. in Marketing & Management from Murray State University — in 3.5 years — and did it the old-fashioned way, by working full-time as a waitress, by self-funding her education and by commuting 120 miles round-trip to fulfill a commitment made to her employer.

Upon graduation, Alyson secured increasingly responsible management, supervisory and leadership positions in the retail, banking and insurance industries, gaining practical and invaluable management, marketing, customer service and leadership experience along the way.

Alyson’s professional accomplishments are impressive.  As a banker, she’s a Kentucky Bankers Association General Banking graduate and a Certified Electronic Banking Officer.  As an insurance agent she holds a PLCS (Personal Lines Coverage Specialist) certification and is a certified Licensed Property, Casualty, Life and Health agent.

Her leadership education includes Leadership Kentucky and charter membership in Vision 2050.  Alyson has put these leadership skills and lessons to work in service to the Lake Barkley Chamber of Commerce, the Princeton-Caldwell Chamber of Commerce, the Imagination Library, Vision West Kentucky, her church and various local and state leadership initiatives.

Her considerable efforts have not gone unrecognized.  In 2013, Alyson was recognized as the first ever Young Professional of the Year by the Princeton-Caldwell County Chamber of Commerce.  In 2016, Alyson was elected as a City Councilperson — one of the youngest to ever serve locally in that position.  I think you get my point — Alyson is the real deal.

But to really know Alyson, it’s best to spend a little time in conversation with her.  That’s when you’ll immediately recognize her natural energy and enthusiasm, her self-deprecating sense of humor, her remarkable communication skills and her genuine interest in others.  Plus she tells a GREAT story!

Later this month, Alyson will start her new journey with us. So to our personal friends, I encourage you to celebrate this new opportunity with Alyson! To my speaking colleagues around the world, I encourage you to support Alyson as you have supported us so graciously through the years!  And for our professional clients, well, you’re going to LOVE getting to know Alyson and benefiting from her sincere, unrelenting commitment to serving your professional development needs!

Want to celebrate, encourage or connect with Alyson? You can reach her here.

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